Introducing Cascade 1.0, a comprehensive, web-based business management platform designed specifically for passion industries -- industries where customers are fanatical about the brands and products they use. We work with the businesses that comprise an industry vertical, and provide the tools (social networking, e-commerce, marketing) they need to capitalize on the passion and devotion of the customer base they serve.

strong networks – healthy relationships – better business

manage your website

manage your siteCascade makes it simple to update all your website pages. Expertly add vital content, news, events, photos and videos to any page.

exchange collateral

exchange contentExchange valuable content like product images, descriptions, specs and promotional materials with your trusted business partners.

social networking

social networkingSocial networking is best way to spread the word about your business, reach out to new customers, and stay connected with your current ones.

build your catalog

build your catalogQuickly create dynamic customized online catalogs. Control all aspects of catalog construction including images, descriptions, specs, and pricing.

online commerce

commerceTransform your online catalog into an online marketplace. Organize your store, manage your inventory, process sales, and initiate shipping all from one location.

network advertising

advertisingPublish your promotional material throughout the vibrant Limerock Social Network and feature trusted business partner's ads on your site.